Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SSRS - Link to Open Outlook and compose email

SSRS - Link to Open Outlook and compose email

SQL Reporting Services is a very powerful tool to build Reports. 

In one of my projects, my client wanted to have a link in the report so that when user click on the link it open outlook and compose an email with a pre-define emails and subject so that user can compose the email and don't worry about recipients or subject line. This is how it can be implemented:

  • Add a Text box control to your report
  • right click on text box  and go to properties
  • Go to "Action" tab within properties
  • Click on "Go to URL" option
  • click on Fx" Button to the right side of URL drop down (see picture below)
  • put this line there
 ="MailTo:" & "[EmailAddress]" & "?subject" & "[Subject Line]"

  ([EmailAddress] and [Subject Line] should be replace by email and subject that you like the email composed with